What is this course about?

The retail area is currently a sprouting industry in the nation making adequate openings for work for the individuals who have eager interests in deals markets, business enhancement, crusading, promoting, statistical surveying, and division. With the quick advancement of the retail industry comes to the interest for retail courses that will prepare a contender to manage the procedures, cycles, and strategies that assist with determining more noteworthy deals and consumer loyalty.

Retail the board understudies profit by a testament in that they can pick up aptitudes in deals, staff, client relations, and money the executives. These serious abilities permit the understudy more professional openings and the possibility at a more significant pay later on. With an accentuation on retail the executives and promoting themes, the study investigates key turns of events and patterns around there. This course targets giving an exhaustive perspective on retailing, and an investigation of the retail climate, and an introduction to issues and advancements in the business.

What will you learn?

The accentuation is set on the essential PC aptitudes utilized in retail that is reportage, in general, the social effect of innovation in retail. This course instructs the fundamental standards of advertising that including showcasing procedure and arranging, item strategy, circulation, advancement, division, and evaluating choices. Understudies figure out how to utilize cooperation explanatory reasoning and relational abilities in advertising. Activities may incorporate the marking and showcase of an item through a retail outlet.  It is a program wherein researchers study the administration of retail tasks. Understudies regularly center around subjects, for example, bookkeeping, client support, planning, stock control, and retail robbery. Different zones of study could incorporate showcasing, human relations, and selling. You should realize how to oversee benefits and keep misfortunes low. Apply with companies like Apple, TATA Capital, Reliance Jio after this Certificate in Retail Management Course.

Course Content

Total: 33 lectures
  • What is retailing
  • Social and economic significance of retailing
  • Structure of retailing and distribution
  • Opportunities in retailing
  • Retailer characteristics
  • Food retailers
  • General merchandise retailers
  • Service retailing
  • Types of ownership
  • Retail channels
  • Benefits offered by retail channels
  • Challenges of effective multichannel retailing
  • The buying process
  • Types of buying decisions
  • Social factors influencing the buying process
  • Retail market strategy
  • Target market and retail formats
  • Growth strategies
  • Global growth opportunities
  • strategic retail planning process
  • Financial objectives and goals
  • Strategic profit model
  • Analysis of financial strength
  • Setting and measuring performance
  • Types of locations
  • Other locations opportunities
  • Location and retail strategy
  • Legal considerations
  • Evaluating specific areas for locations
  • Evaluating a site for locating a retail store
  • Trade area characteristics
  • Estimating potential sales for a store site
  • Negotiating lease


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