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  • Certification Valid for Life
  • On-demand video*
  • E-Book
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Certificate of Completion

Exam details

  • Mode of Exam : Online
  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Multiple Choice Questions are asked
  • No. of Questions are asked : 50
  • Passing Marks : 25 (50%)
  • There is no negative marking

Do you know an entry-level software testing professional can earn over $50,000 per annum in the USA? For this, you need to get quality knowledge about Software Testing and Quality Management. Thus, we designed our affordable and most valuable course in software testing and quality assurance. That gives complete freedom for your education by providing flexibility in taking your online tutorials.  

If you are looking for a high-paying and challenging job or career profile. Then software testing and software quality management is a great option for you. This course allows you to explore the crucial aspects of software testing in detail. And also will allow you to understand the concept of quality management to provide better but optimized work.

When you will enroll in this course. You will start learning from scratch where you will understand test cases and suites. The concepts of software testing, applying the negative and positive testing approaches. Also, many other essential theories will come to you. By the completion of the course, you will have a complete understanding of SDLC and aka money testing. overall you will be a pro in dealing with software testing and quality management aspects.

Course Content

Total: 51 lectures
  • Introduction
  • Software Testing
  • Evolution of Software Testing
  • Definition of Bug
  • Types of Bugs
  • Cost of Bugs
  • Software Development Models
  • Waterfall Model
  • Spiral Model
  • V-Model
  • Rapid Application Development Model
  • Agile Model
  • Assessment-1
  • Introduction
  • Testing Strategies and Techniques
  • Structural versus Functional Testing
  • Static versus Dynamic Testing
  • Manual versus Automated Testing
  • Role of a Software Tester
  • Tasks of a Software Tester
  • Qualities of a Software Tester
  • Software Testing Axioms
  • Software Testing Terms and Definitions
  • Assessment-2
  • Introduction
  • Structural and Functional Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Static Black Box Testing and Dynamic Black Box Testing Techniques
  • Test to Pass and Test to Fail
  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Data Testing
  • State Testing
  • Random Testing and Mutation Testing
  • Assessment-3
  • Introduction
  • Static White Box Testing
  • Examining the Design and Code
  • Formal Review
  • Coding Standards and Guidelines
  • Code Review Checklist
  • Dynamic White Box Testing
  • Dynamic White Box Testing vs. Debugging
  • Testing the Pieces
  • Data Coverage
  • Code Coverage
  • Assessment-4
  • Introduction
  • Test Management and Organizational Structure
  • Software Quality Assurance Metrics
  • Assessment-5


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