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This Diploma in Software Testing is an online course that will start with an overview of this online software testing training. And at the beginning of the course, you will learn all the essential components of software testing. Then we will move to on next level topic that is to make you aware of efficient time testing with the software development life cycle. We will teach you many other concepts as well when you enroll in this course. You will also learn about Value testing and its various aspects. There is also MC and DC testing module with other core concepts you will master. If you take up this online software testing course. We will teach you about box testing and its techniques. Including advanced and complex conditions. 

What will be the outcome if you enroll in a software testing online course?

After taking this course, you will have several skills such as

  • You will be able to identify the methods that will help you to fix the bug of the software program.
  • You will have a proper understanding of verification and validation in software testing.
  • You will have the in-depth information so you will be able to explain to others about coverage and the creation of the control flow graphs.
  • The strong grips in defining special value testing and pair-wise testing.

Maximum Duration 6 Months
Type Diploma


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