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Tableau is a data analytic and visualization tool. That used for data science and decision making by showing customer behavior, sales trends, or product performance. Its simple interface makes it easier to short, compare, and analyze data from different sources. Our Certificate in Tableau, Tableau training Course is curated by experts and has designed comprehensive tableau tutorials with HD videos.

Why should you take our Tableau Certification?

Our Tableau online course covers in-depth information on connecting, analyzing, blending, and calculating data from a variety of data sets. Also, you will learn how to visualize data in Tableau in various formats like charts, plots, and maps. During this course, we’ll help you to teach each needed concept with live examples to make you understand the topic. After completion of the course, we’ll issue a government-authorized certificate that will help you to build a strong portfolio.

Why should you learn Tableau?

The data analytic and visualizing tool Tableau is used by many Multinational companies. Some of them are Nike, Coca-cola, Facebook, Skype, The World Bank, The New York Times, The Bank of America, and more than 35000 companies. Which are using Tableau to convert their complex data into a compelling and presentable data structure.

Is Tableau good for your future?

Tableau is a great data visualization tool that helps companies in understanding complex data in a simple format. This is the reason that 90% of companies trust this software.

What is the Salary of a tableau desktop specialist?

In the USA Tableau Developers earn up to $1,00,000 and in India, An experienced developer earns up to 20 Lack whereas a fresher gets 8.5 lack Package per annum.


Maximum Duration 3 Months
Topics Introduction to Tableau, Working with Data in Tableau, Venturing on to Advanced Visualizations, Starting an Adventure with Calculations, Diving Deep with Table Calculations, Making Visualizations That Look Great and Work Well, Telling a Data Story with Dashboards, Digging Deeper - Trends, Clustering, Distributions, and Forecasting, Cleaning and Structuring Messy Data, Introducing Tableau Prep, Advanced Visualizations, Techniques, Tips, and Tricks,
Type Certificate


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