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  • Duration : 1 Hour
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  • Passing Marks : 25 (50%)
  • There is no negative marking


Welcome to the course, " Certified MySQL Databases With Python " which is the most popular open source database which comes with a major update.

The aim of this course which is comprehensive and concise is to assist you on setting up MySQL Databases and run with replication, know  about database administration chapters like backups, replication, monitoring, switchovers, user management and version upgrades. It is designed by step by step instructions which is full of working examples which will help you to solve any problem you might find in MySQL Databases with Python. 

In this course you will learn an Introduction to MYSQL with Python too and their core features in MySQL and the improved features in MySQL databases, their benefits, limitations, use cases. You will also know how to install  and Upgrade MySQL 8, their installation process, post-installation setup, and how to upgrade and downgrade MySQL 8. Then you will learn how to create databases and all with Python. 

You will learn all these things in detail and many other things which are in a very explained manner.

You will just require some basic knowledge of database concepts. And everything here is discussed in very to the point manner. 

This course is for system administrators, Coding enthusiasts, programming enthusiasts, students pursuing computer science, and people belonging to IT industries. 

The full course will be taught from scratch, from the root to the core. Now it is expected that when you are about to finish this course you will be well known with the high performance querying and database administration using MySQL.  You will get many job opportunities and after this course which will of course be an advantage to you. You will be provided with great knowledge, so what are you waiting for? Enroll your name in this course now. 



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