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TensorFlow is open source and the most popular deep learning framework that available nowadays. In Certificate in Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2, we will teach you applied machine learning skills with TensorFlow. You will learn essential AI-powered applications with TensorFlow. After finishing this program you will be able to apply for a wide range of possibilities such as solving problems and tasks.

In this course, you will master in building and training neural networks, improving networks performance. Also, error function, teaching machine and understanding, text processing and many deep concepts.

This course will help you to work with TensorFlow to implement those principles to build up scalable models to real-world performance. To develop a deeper understanding of neural work.

About career with TensorFlow 2.0

This Deep learning library, TensorFlow is widely used by companies for deep learning and managed by google. If you think about career prospectus in TensorFlow then you should know that Data Scientists are paid up to $100000 per year. This information is available at Glassdoor, you can check it.

The reason for doing this course

This specialization program is carrying short modules with comprehensive tutorials, Writing codes in this library is easier. And its widely used by the many companies like Nvidia, eBay, Intel, Airbnb and more.

Course content

Total: 1 lectures
  • Information
Maximum Duration 6 Months
Type Certificate


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