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What do you understand by Digital Media?

In Today’s Modern World, digital media is mostly sometimes important or we can say we are addicted to it. It can be viewed, created, or can be adjusted in different ways through digital electronic devices. Digital Media mentions any information that is telecasted through a screen to us.

This comprises many things like we can say videos, text, graphics, or audio which are transferred through the internet. It involves different kinds of video games, software, digital images, digital videos, web pages, and websites also. The mainly famous is Social Media which is used by every one of us for communicating to our family or friends and some people use it for sharing their feelings or thoughts.

It has had the worst impact on our community (public) and culture. On another side, it is beneficial for us in several ways. First of all, to promote your business on any social media platform, for communicating with your friends or family or the people who are away from us, and so on. So Buy the Course for knowing more advantages or disadvantages, latest features of digital media, development of digital media, concepts and theories and the topics are given to you in the syllabus will be covered.

Maximum Duration 3 Months
Type Certificate


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