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Do you want to learn SEO or search engine optimization? do you also want to earn a good income? Then this online SEO course is for you. We have designed this course especially for the newbies who want to learn this highly demanding and paying field. These days SEO professionals are in demand. As they help businesses to grow their online platforms so that they can build up their customer base. So, in this course, we have included almost every component of SEO. And that every offline or online SEO course contains such as what, why, how, and many other essential terms that make the base of SEO techniques. So, if you enroll in this online SEO training, then you will master all the SEO techniques and will become a highly demanding SEO professional.

What will you learn in our online SEO training program?

  • You will understand what is SEO and why this is an essential part of the digital era.
  • You will also enhance your present skill with a variety of techniques.
  • We will teach you how you can help businesses to rank first on google.
  • You will pro in driving organic traffic to websites and other social channels.
  • Many other components will help you to understand paid SEO campaigns to get faster results and much more.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Getting Started and Introduction to On-page SEO - This module will introduce you to On-page SEO. The lessons will start with introducing you to key areas of SEO so you’ll have a strong understanding of the differences amongst the strategies. Then we’ll dive into using On-page SEO techniques so that you’ll know how to optimize keywords in meta data as well as perform competitive analysis on a web page. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to identify meta-tags and use these to make recommendations for On-page SEO.
Module 2 Introduction to Off-page SEO - This module will introduce you to Off-page SEO. While these strategies are more indirect than On-page SEO, they’re still important to maximize page authority. This module will clarify what Off-page SEO is as well as help you understand building links to your site and understanding brand recognition through social media. Once you complete this module, you’ll be able to understand link analysis as well as how social media can help improve your page authority.
Module 3 Introduction to Technical SEO - In the lessons that follow, you will take a close look at the third leg of a solid SEO Strategy: Technical SEO. You’ll see how important structural components like sitemaps, redirects and other components lay a foundation for your content that will help your site get noticed. By the end of this module, you should be able to define Technical SEO and explain some of the basic aspects of this strategy. As you begin creating sitemaps and robot.txt files as well as planning redirects and managing site errors, you’ll learn how to employ best practices in your Technical SEO strategy.
Module 4 Keyword Theory & Research - In this module, we are going to discover a variety of strategies for developing keywords for your site. This critical step is what helps direct your ideal buyer to the content that meets his or her needs. In the lessons that follow, we’ll learn about keyword theory and how understanding the common behaviors of web searchers can help you hone your list of keywords. We’ll also see how you can use a variety of SEO tools to conduct an audience and use this data to develop personas of your ideal buyer. Once you’ve completed this module, you should be able to craft a list of optimal keywords that will help get your site recognized.


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