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  • Certification Valid for Life
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  • Certificate of Completion

Exam details

  • Mode of Exam : Online
  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Multiple Choice Questions are asked
  • No. of Questions are asked : 50
  • Passing Marks : 25 (50%)
  • There is no negative marking

Library, as we probably are aware, is a piece of any academic, examination, or documentation related arrangement and organization. It stores in itself the chronicles and data separated from keeping up a legitimate assortment of a variety of study materials like books, diaries, magazines, and so on.

The extent of information and data that a library has requires effective administrative and authoritative skills, behavior, and techniques concerning the staff that is responsible for the duty of its administration. Diploma in Library Science is a certificate-level course in the area of library sciences with an emphasis on the improvement of central abilities and information among students concerning the necessary skills, the board, and the management of data.

The course is designed by our expert faculty as a beginner’s level program in the individual area with an emphasis on conferring all-encompassing information concerning the basic idea and standards of library science and the related executives. All the desired individuals can easily opt on an advanced level confirmation over the thought of promotion and long haul for improvement of ability and information set in the area. Diploma in Library Science course pass out students can search for a variety of job openings regarding his/her vocation.

He/she can choose a job in the area/with firms, for example, government libraries, museums, college libraries, and so forth. We will teach the students in the way of thinking of librarianship, essential standards, laws, proficient morals. We will prepare the students in the aptitudes of data information handling, association, and recovery, along with being engaged in the administration of library and information centers. You will also get an idea of how to comprehend and welcome the functions and motivation behind library and information centers in the evolving social, social, innovative, and financial condition.

Our course gives a complete understanding of the subject to the students, so they can withstand the interest of utilization in the business just as they seek to have the option to expand on this information base at the higher and advanced degree of study in the interested area.

Course Content

Total: 51 lectures
  • 1 What is computer system
  • 2 Basic Applications of Computer System
  • 3 Components of Computer System
  • 4 Other Input_Output devices
  • 5 Memory Location
  • 6 Concepts of Hardware and Software
  • 7 Data and Information
  • 8 Connectiog Keyboard Mouse, Monitor and Printer to CPU and Checking Power Supply
  • 4.21 Introduction To Word Processing
  • 4.22 Opening a Word Processing Package
  • 4.23 Opening an existing document
  • 4.24 Saving a document
  • 4.25 Closing a document
  • 4.26 Text selection
  • 4.27 Editing Text
  • 4.28 Find and Replace
  • 4.29 Printing a Document
  • 4.210 Creating and Printing Merged documents
  • 4.211 Character Formatting
  • 4.212 Paragraph Formatting
  • 4.213 Page Design and Layout
  • 4.31 Checking and Correct spelling
  • 4.32 Handling Graphics
  • 4.33 Creating tables and charts
  • 4.34 Document Templates and Wizard
  • 5.21 Overview of Spreadsheet
  • 5.31 Working with spreadsheet
  • 5.32 Inserting and Deleting a worksheet
  • 5.33 Entering data into spreadsheet
  • 5.41 Handling Operators
  • 5.51 Functions
  • 5.61 Formatting a worksheet
  • 5.71 Printing a worksheet
  • 5.81 Working with charts
  • 5.91 Integrating text into spreadsheet
  • 5.92 Integrating text web pages into spreadsheet
  • 6.21 Overview of PowerPoint
  • 6.22 Creating a Presentation
  • 6.23 Saving a Presentation
  • 6.31 Views in Presentation
  • 6.32 Working with slides
  • 6.33 Adding and Formatting Text
  • 6.34 Formatting Paragraphs
  • 6.35 Checking spelling and correcting typing mistakes
  • 6.36 Making Notes Master and Handouts
  • 6.37 Drawing Objects
  • 6.38 Working with objects
  • 6.39 Insert Clip Art and Pictures
  • 6.310 Designing slide show
  • 6.311 Printing Slides
  • Library and Information Resources
1 Year


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