Image Classification is one of the most trending tasks that goes on in today’s day world be it for medical purposes to identify anything faulty or for facial recognition to identify a person. Now how about mastering that ability with the help of Django, a python-based web framework and react, a front-end JavaScript library.

You have probably seen while using Facebook how they can recognize the face in a picture that you have posted and ask you to tag the same person. That is also a task of image classification which you will be learning by this course. It is one of the greatest wonders which you might discover while studying in detail.

Well Image classification being the cutting-edge technology there are many researches still going on in this field and thus if this technology is in your grasp, you can pursue a career both as a researcher or as a professional in the industry. In both cases there will be a huge pay because of its wide application in many fields.

Do you know these days the Military and Défense sector also uses this technology of Image Classification so that they can locate the position of the enemies or terrorists by using satellite images? One of the newest developments in the field of Image Classification is the ample efforts being made to recognize the emotions of a person just by reading the person’s facial expression.

Here you will get the idea of introduction of Image classification and how to get started with Django, react, and work on the frontend and backend.  Topics included which will help in your future are:

  • Catching Errors
  • Code editor
  • Image classifier
  • React
  • Navigation Component.

You will learn about all the details of how an image is read using programming languages to understand how each pixel forms the image. Thus, in order to learn image classification a vital step towards image processing will also be taught to you.

Even if you are not from a Computer Science background you will not face any challenges in order to learn this technology as the course is designed in such a way that anyone who is interested in learning this technology can start it without facing any difficulties.

This course thus will prepare you for the most trending task in recent times and thus will enable you to move towards a bright future in this domain. So don't wait anymore and enrol here now!!

Course Content

Total: 33 lectures
  • How to get started
  • Code Editor
  • Setting Up the Django Project
  • Create the Image Model
  • REST API theory
  • Creating REST API with DRF
  • Introduction to React - Theory
  • Introduction to React - Practice
  • Setting Up the React Project
  • Adding Dropzone to Our Project
  • Continue Working on Dropzone
  • Adding the First Spinner
  • Adding Fontawesome to the Dropzone
  • Integrating Django and React
  • Displaying the State in the Consol
  • Adding a Button and It's Conditional Display
  • Sending Image to the Database
  • Catching Errors
  • Introduction to ANN
  • How Computer Does See Images
  • Image Classification - Part One
  • Image Classification - Part Two
  • Testing Our Classifier
  • Getting the Results from the Backend
  • Adding Spinner while Waiting for Results
  • Adding Additional Styling
  • Creating the Imagelist Component
  • Displaying the Classification History
  • Adding Load More Images Button
  • Adding Spinners to the Image List and the Load More Button
  • Optimizing the Imagelist Component
  • Adding the Navigation Component
  • Applying React Router Dom in the Navigation


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