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Discrete structure to discrete mathematics is a tool of computer science for logic and induction also contains the basics theorems related to functions and sets. This is used in computer science for designing the application and program for the users. This is one of the vital terms that one needs to know who is interested in data science. The discrete mathematical structure course will help you to deal with complex puzzles that you will face in corporate life.

In this course, we have included the introduction to discrete structure from the basics and you will reach up to intermediate modules.

  • You will learn how to think and write mathematically.
  • The concepts are covered with real examples that will help you to learn effectively.
  • You will understand De Morgan's law in logic and learn theories for better understanding.
  • Also, in this program, you will have a complete understanding of using a variety of mathematical statements. 
  • The candidate will learn about trees, grammar, relations, and other functions in detail.

If you are a student or a candidate who belongs to a tech background, then you have an interest in mathematics. Then if you take admission in this course, this will build up your strong mathematical skills. By the end of the program you will be able to create real-world programs, also you will have critical problem-solving skills.

If you have an interest in data science or want to be a professional who belongs to this field, then this certificate course pushes you a lot. This course is suitable for data science and mathematics students who want to get enhanced knowledge.

Maximum Duration 3 Months
Type Certificate


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