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Introduction to SQL language or introduction to SQL is an online course that covers all the essential components of SQL with complete information. If you want to learn more about SQL basics or want to learn SQL online can take this master-level course. The SQL language is simple in nature but can be complex if you do not get proper guidance.

This course is a great resource for the students and professionals who want to get into the programming world with no prior experience. There is everything to know about SQL in this course at the beginner level. So, when you enroll in this course, you get the study module by an expert who carries years of experience with SQL work.

What you will learn in SQL online course?

  • You will learn the queries and a few theoretical terms.
  • You will learn some basic syntax.
  • you will also understand what to do to remove the mistakes and how to identify them,
  • besides this, there is a specialized topic to make you understand how to use SQL for data analysis work.
  • You will learn basic programming and the most important thing you will build up strength with SQL programming.

So, to take up this course you need not be an expert or a SQL professional. if you want to learn about the basics of SQL, then you can take this course even if you are a student of the 8th class, graduate, and a working professional. When you will complete the course successfully, then we will provide you the certificate that you can add to your CV or any other social channel to gain some professional; exposure to come in the eyes of recruiters.


Maximum Duration 2 Months
Topics Module 1 Introduction , Module 2 Characteristics of SQL , Module 3 commands , Module 4 SQL Operators , Module 5 SQL Queries , Module 6 Aggregate Function
Type Certificate


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