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Master Diploma in Computer Application

Master Diploma in Computer Application
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Master Diploma in Computer Application
Benefits of Certification:- Government Certification, Job Credibility, Certification Valid for Life, Lifelong E-Learning Access

How it works:- Select Course-->Buy-->Get E Learning Access (LMS)-->Take Exam-->Get Certification.
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Mode of Exam - Online
Passing Marks:- 50%
Certificate of Completion:- Available
Note:- No Negative Marking in the Exam
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Master Diploma In Computer Information and System Management shortened as MDCA and it is a Long term course which Includes easy and advanced learning Technique with the help of new technology Additionally, Students learn computer through practical classes which create an advanced learning environment to them and through it, students can retain more of computer Knowledge and its application in their mind for a long time. which they can not get from theoretical classes. Thereby, Our Motive is to make Education and Computer Education easier than easy. so as every person becomes educated in the field of Computer Education. the course is categorized into six modules which are mentioned on Syllabus and Duration Tab.

Young students are seen worried about their bright career and such agony and frustration can take an ugly turn if they lack proper skill, especially in the digital field which remains high in demand across the world. Computer application has become too popular across the horizon globally and every area of human endeavor is under its impact.

We as prime providing computer courses globally has launched a computer training program which is MDCA course whereby youth, especially those who have not 10th or 12th certificate, can easily enroll for and can gather a supreme range of computer skills, that remain in demand across sectors.

Providing Online computer Courses is the concept which is fast gaining ground across the world and has proved to be a wonderful system of training, as one has to remain within his own dwelling, e.g. home or room and can seek explicit computer training right away. When thinking about long term courses, the MDCA computer course is the ultimate for you.

Online MDCA Course Is Answer To Unemployment:

No second thought about the fact that digital technology has made its impact felt upon our everyday life and in teaching and training, such is rightly considered to be the most appropriate way to train young minds in today’s fast-paced time. Through online tutorials, students can gather great knowledge about the latest concepts as are mentioned in the syllabus and in the most comfortable way, since they would not have to spend time traveling in crowded metros or in buses and will not get tired too.

We always adhere to the objective of making online training a superior teaching methodology in today’s widely changing times and we intend to make India fully connected in this way. State of art digital infrastructure is being secured and a candidate can seek our MDCA Course online and can set out to build skill right away.  

Young boys and girls should never have to bear problems in crowded buses and in metros and through online access, they can build great MDCA course skills. Just log in through internet access, buy an online course, and get a username and password, and you are ready to enjoy the live streaming of MDCA course training. 


We proudly give out certifications and statements of merits, when the MDCA course is completed which are sent to students’ postal addresses through secured and registered courier.


Don’t wait, just contact us right away and we shall advise the most suitable computer course as per your need and level.

Maximum Duration1.5 Year
Module 1Introduction to Computer Readings and Computer Fundamentals, Internet, History Of Computers, Generations of Computer, Computer Software and Hardware, the difference between them
Module 2Applications of Computer Software, Prime Application Package: MS Office: Word Processing Application (MS Word), Spreadsheet software (MS Excel), Presentation Application (MS PowerPoint), MS Access For building function packed Databases or RDBMS
Module 3Internet Technology, TCP/ IP, Internet Connectivity, Network of Networks, Servers, Hosting, Publishing on Internet, Browsers, Internet Security Management, Information Privacy, Copyrights and so forth, Concept of Emails, Introduction To HTML, HTML Programming, Web Design, Services Available and Provided On Internet
Module 4IT Tools, Business Systems, Organization of Business Computers, Operating System, Operating A Database, IT and Its Impact upon Global Society and Business
Module 5Financial Accounting And Managing Accounts Through Computers, Accounting Standards, Financial Statements and Accounting Process, Balance Sheets and how computers can be programmed to manage the financial health of a company in the most versatile way and to aid quick decision making and so forth
Module 6Desktop Publishing, Software meant for such a purpose, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator and other major software and utility tools training

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