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Learn Microsoft word online with us. Microsoft word is the word processing software developed by Microsoft only to do such tasks effectively, many businesses use this software for their word processing work. So, if you know about the Word, then you will have higher chances to get the job. In this course the student will learn about the Microsoft word application in detail, this is a 1-month course where you will have a complete understanding of this application.

This is an online course for Microsoft word, which includes the basics to advance modules in-depth. For example, creating and using word documents, writing, and editing with navigation. During the program, students will also work with the tables, graphs, figures, citations, endnotes, captions, and many other intermediate concepts. The course modules are easy to understand there is no issue with it as you will be learning from experts who have many years of experience in this field. The student will also understand the mail merge, damaging and formatting of large documents, and also understanding advanced topics of MS word.

The best thing about this Microsoft word online course is that there are many basics to advanced level topics that a student can understand and apply in a short time. That will not only save time but also provide many years of experience of the expert in it. The student will get some vital tips that one is required to have if he or she has to work in a competitive environment. This online program can be taken by any student to a professional who has an interest in learning Microsoft word online.


Maximum Duration 1 Month
Module 1 Introduction to MS Word, Explore Window in Word 2013, Backstage View, Backstage View, Entering Text - Microsoft Word 2013, Move Around, Save Document, Open Document, Close Document, Insert Text, Select Text, Delete Text, Move Text, Copy, Cut & Paste, Find & Replace
Module 2 Spell and Grammar Check, Zoom In and Zoom Out, Special Symbols, Undo and Redo the Changes, Setting Text Fonts and Size, Text Decoration, Change Text Cases, Change Text Colors, Text Alignments, Indent Paragraphs, Create Bullets, Set Line Spacing, Borders and Shades, Set Tabs
Module 3 Copy and Apply Formatting, Adjust Page Margins, Add Header and Footer, Add Page Numbers, Insert Page Breaks, Cover Pages, Create a Table, Rows & Columns, Move a Table, Resize a Table, Merging Table Cells, Split a Table, Split a Table Cells, Add Formula to a Table
Module 4 Table Borders & Shades, Quick Styles, Use Templates, Use Graphics, Auto-Correction, Create Table of Contents, Preview Documents, Printing Documents, Email Documents, Translate Word 2013 Document, Compare Documents, Document Security, Set Watermark
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