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OpenModelica is essentially a programming language that is based on a modelling language named Modelica. It is written in C and C++Language.

If you want to learn C and C++ programming languages, Click on C and C++ language above.

It runs on Linux, Windows, and OS X. It is free of cost and open-source software. In this course, you will know different aspects of the topic. You will be clear with the different features or options of the topic which will be very helpful for you. For being familiar with the features of this outstanding programming language, buy the course now.

Course Content

Total: 51 lectures
  • Overview of OpenModelica
  • Introduction to OMEdit
  • Examples through OMEdit
  • OpenModelica Connectors
  • Developing an equation-based model
  • Control flow and Event handling
  • Functions and Types
  • Arrays in Modelica
  • Array Functions and Operations
  • Modelica Packages
  • Annotations in Modelica
  • Icon and Diagram Views
  • Component-oriented modeling
  • Block Component Modeling
  • Introduction
  • Classes
  • Connectors
  • Graphical Modeling
  • Equations
  • Arrays in Modelica
  • Array Functions and Operations
  • Functions and Type
  • Packages
  • Annotations in Modelica
  • Icon and Diagram Views
  • Component-oriented modeling
  • Block Component Modeling
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Modelica and OpenModelica CE - Introduction
  • Computing time derivatives in Modelica
  • Introduction to Modeling and Simulation with Blocks in the Modelica 4.0 Library
  • Modelica Function: Definition and Usage
  • Packages in Modelica: How to Start Your Own Library
  • Modelica Inheritance: Partial and Extends
  • Using Dynamic Shape Visualization in Modelica Models
  • External C Code Basics in Modelica
  • Array and Matrix basics in Modelica
  • Introduction to Records in Modelica
  • The Sum Operator in Modelica: A Gentle Introduction to Euler's Solution to the Basel Problem.
  • Air Hockey in Modelica: Introducing When, Reinit and Pre.
  • Introduction to Each in Modelica: Issues and Use
  • Modelica: Inner and Outer Keywords
  • Complex Numbers: Definition and Usage in Modelica
  • Modelica SL Media package
  • How to export your Modelica models to FMUs and use them afterwards
  • Modelica Media package for computing Air properties
  • Modelica Simplified Contact Using Only Standard Components
  • Modelica Parametric Bodies
  • Modelica models into FMUs for PID controller tuning and optimization
  • Modelica Equations: From Text to Results
  • Modelica animations with CAD files


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