Understanding the business's data is vital to understand the trend for the business products and the available opportunities. If you know power BI in detail, you can do various analyses and visualization to grow the business level. Therefore, we designed our new comprehensive course in power Bi for business professionals to learn this one of the demanding and essential skills with expert guidance. Our power BI course helps you to explore the information about Business intelligence concepts and their essential techniques. This online power Bi training is an easy-to-understand course. That beginner-level candidate can take to gain expertise in solving real-world problems.

What will you learn in this Power BI online course?

  • Understand the importance of knowing and using Power BI and staying up today with power BI updates. 
  • Learning how to import data from databases, spreadsheets, and other sources where the data stored. 
  • Helping colleges, analysts, and other relevant users by providing helpful and understandable reports, dashboards, and even applications. 
  • Offering better and powerful data in an understandable form than your competitors.
  • Learn how to get insights fastly with the use of customized visualization.
  • Learning deployment and publishing with Power BI services. 

So, enroll in this Power Bi course online to get a piece of well-structured and authentic information and get a government-approved certificate.

Course Content

Total: 32 lectures
  • Installing Power BI Desktop
  • Managing the Risks and Rewards of Preview Features
  • The Desktop and the Cloud
  • Creating a Power BI Report From Flat File
  • Report Layout, and Formatting
  • Themes and Templates
  • Conditional Formatting in Power BI Reports
  • Card Visualizations and First Look at KPIs
  • Informative Visualizations versus Empty Glitz
  • Doing Data Right
  • Relating Dimension Data to a Fact Table
  • Time Dimension in Data Model
  • Fixing and Rendering Date Time Data
  • Handling Errors with Power BI
  • Creating Templates for Importing Report Data
  • Importing a Custom Visualization
  • KPI with Custom Visualizations
  • Custom KPI Visualizations with DAX
  • Time Series Analysis Using Custom Visuals
  • Columns and Measures
  • Being Careful with Calculated Columns
  • Filter and Calculate
  • Organizing Your Measures
  • Creating Tables with DAX Language
  • Generating Data for Monte Carlo Analysis Using R
  • Importing Excel Data Using R
  • Using R Visualizations for Advanced Analytics
  • 3D Plots Using R
  • Signup for Power BI Service
  • Importing Data into the Power BI Service
  • Creating and Refreshing Reports
  • Integrating Visualizations into Dashboard


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