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Python OCR and Object Detection is an online course for 6 months. Which provides extensive information about python OCR and object detection skill sets. This Python object detection and OCR course allow students to explore the concepts of image recognition and other similar concepts by using various techniques. That will help them identify and classify single or multiple objects inside a Single Image with a complete accuracy score. If you know about OCR, you can convert text into images to machine learning readable format, such as a document format.

What will you learn in this python OCR and Object detection course?

  • The first module will help you to understand the concepts of Python OCR and its components.
  • Then you will learn about the basics of Anaconda python basics. 
  • The sessions also contain information about python programming basics. So if you do not have any prior experience, this course also matches you.
  • You will understand how you can install OpenCV. This is an open-source CVL in python.
  • We will also tell installing and using Pillow library and other essential topics, including conventional neural networks.
  • This is a powerful and comprehensive course that helps you get sound expertise in Python OCR and Object Detection.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Introduction to OCR Concepts and Libraries Setting Up Environment: Anaconda Python Basics
Module 2 Tesseract OCR Setup OpenCV Setup Tesseract Image OCR Implementation
Type Certificate


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