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What if I tell you to learn Redis bootcamp, It is for everyone who has little knowledge of programming and wants to boost their career. This course is created from the zero to hero and concepts to the advanced ideas. This course is suitable for the beginner level to the advanced and will guide you understand and apply Redis, which includes its various options and commands.

In this course we are going to learn about the introduction of Redis, how to learn Keys, Strings in redis, list in redis, hashes in redis, what is ZADD command, learn about the transactions, HyperLog, Geo spatial, publish and subscribe commands and many more in details.

I can't explain every topic here, but can tell you a few of them as mentioned below:

  • Operation of sets
  • Understanding Un watch
  • Introduction to GEOADD and GEOHASH
  • Working with GEORADIUS and GEODIST

You will study the topics that are mentioned above In detail and it will not require any prior understanding or experience, As this course is from the very zero to advanced level, But however some prior experiences of working with Linux and Key Value DB can be helpful in understanding the course faster. While learning the course, you should be familiar with terminals, PHP or python too.

If you are interested in Big Data and Data Science, you are good to go with this course. It will give you in depth ideas about the latest database technologies too.

Here you will be guided through all the commands and steps which will give you clear ideas in depth.

This course will be very beneficial to you as you can become an expert in the field of Database who generally needs to learn NoSQL. However, you are going to learn all these topics, and data analysis in this course.

This is a crucial and concentrated discussion which spans multiple lectures. At the end of each section, you will understand the pattern and your concepts will be cleared in depth and then you can apply it in your real-life applications or can easily crack out any job interviews

This course will prepare you for a booming career in today's world and point them towards a path to success.

Course Content

Total: 47 lectures
  • Introduction to Redis
  • Installing Docker for Windows Users Only
  • Configuring Redis inside Docker (Windows Users Only)
  • Installing Redis in Ubuntu
  • Installing Redis in Fedora
  • Installing Redis in Mac
  • Working with Keys in Redis
  • Pattern Matching with Keys
  • Understanding the Shutdown Command
  • Some More Commands
  • Dump and Restore in Redis
  • Getting Started with Strings
  • Different Ways to Work with Strings
  • Wrapping up String Section
  • Introduction to List in Redis
  • Working with List in Redis
  • Wrapping up List Commands
  • What are Hashes?
  • Hash Creation Commands
  • More on Hash Commands
  • What are Sets in Redis?
  • Sets Basic Commands
  • Operation on Sets
  • Operation on Sets Commands
  • Introduction to Sorted Sets
  • Working with the ZADD Command
  • Getting Started with Basic Commands
  • Union and Intersection on Sorted Sets
  • Wrapping Up Sorted Sets Commands
  • What is a Transaction?
  • Working with MULTI and EXEC
  • Understanding UNWATCH
  • Introduction to Publish/Subscribe
  • Publish/Subscribe Commands
  • Working with Patterned Subscription
  • Introduction to Section
  • Introduction to Geospatial
  • Introduction to GEOADD and GEOHASH
  • Working with GEORADIUS and GEODIST
  • HyperLogLog Complete Guide
  • Please Watch Before You Start
  • Connecting to Redis Using Python
  • Redis Project Setup
  • Pipeline in Redis
  • Using Scan in Redis
  • Implementing the Mini Shirt Store
  • Implementing Buy Item


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