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Anyone who is interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence in Finance should take the course. It is simply a technique of transforming how we interact with money. It will teach you how to accomplish work in the most basic way possible. It will give students and professionals a thorough understanding of the current Artificial Intelligence approaches utilized in the finance industry.

The introduction of Expert Systems in the 1980s marked a watershed moment in the financial services industry. Artificial Intelligence has been applied in Fraud Detection, Customer Service, Personal Financial Management, Risk Management, and Insurance Claim Management since the early 2000s.

Here, you will learn how AI is being used in two key areas: wealth and insurance and asset management. You'll also learn how to use a variety of data preparation methods with financial data, forecast future values based on single and multiple values, and apply key modern machine Learning methods for forecasting. And to comprehend the steps involved in selecting the optimum data preparation approach and model for Grasp Machine Learning predictions on real-world financial data.

As digitization and automation become more prevalent in company processes, all occupations have a computing component in this digital age. Those who successfully finish this course will be able to reposition themselves to originate and implement AI innovation within their teams, allowing them to enter the AI era confidently.

Here, you will explore a variety of AI approaches. It may help businesses free up staff, increase security, and ensure that they are headed in the proper technologically sophisticated, innovative direction. The field of Artificial Intelligence has a bright future ahead of it. You can work as a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, or data developer if you complete the course.

You might wonder why AI is being used in finance. In recent years, AI technology is mostly used in the corporate sector to better forecast and analyses credit risk.

There is no requirement for prior understanding of Financial Data Analyst, although some basic Python knowledge is essential.

It is designed for students interested in artificial intelligence, as well as prospective data scientists, machine learning practitioners, and investment analysts and portfolio managers in the finance and investing industry.

It will give you a solid foundation of in-depth knowledge that will help you with your future job prospects. This education will provide you with more job opportunities, and you will be able to see your future becoming more secure as a result of it. So don't wait any longer and get the course right now.

Course Content

Total: 11 lectures
  • What’s Financial Forecasting and Why It’s Important?
  • Installing Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow
  • Getting and Preparing the Currency Exchange Data
  • Building the MLP Model with Keras
  • Training and Testing the Model
  • Getting and Preparing the Loan Approval Data
  • Creating, Training, Testing, and Using a GradientBoostingClassfier Model
  • Getting and Preparing Financial Fraud Data
  • Creating, Training, and Testing XGBoost Model
  • Getting and Preparing the Stock Prices Data
  • Building the LSTM Model with Keras


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