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Enrol in Python for Pentesters course to take your python programming skill to the next level. This python course online is fully dedicated to black hat python course lovers who want to master their python skills. Programmers love to use python for testing a variety of systems due to its automated tools and amazing features. In this course. You will master all the industry-needed python programming skills.

When you enrol in this online course, you will learn about the python setup, writing python code to intercept and analyze the network's traffic. The student will also learn about data mining from popular sites and also understand anti-virus concepts. During the course, you will explore the techniques of write python scripts to automate large-scale network attacks. We will teach you about the Recon framework and password crackers. You will learn and start using python scrips for network investigation. Asides from this, there are many other things that you will learn to enhance your python skills.

If you want to take this course, then you can freely take this excellent online program. This is highly recommended to programmers, developers, freshers, and IT professionals who want to learn the know-how of black hat python. An interested student can also take this course to build up python skills.

This online python program will help you take a deep dive into Black hat python course that can completely change your career. And it will also boost your professional CV when you will add this essential skill to your skillset.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Python Setup And Components
Module 2 Creating A Basic Python Network Recon Framework
Module 3 The Python Spy - Web Recon
Module 4 The Password Cracker - Working With Brute-Force Tools
Module 5 Evade Anti-Virus With Python
Module 6 Python Forensics - Use Python Scripts For Network Investigation
Module 7 Databases And Wrapping Up
Type Diploma


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