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Do you want to go deep into python programming by pursuing Advanced Python Programming with Weird Concepts? This course is available for you, you can be pro in advanced python if you have a basic understanding of python. You will have a solid grip on advanced python with advanced concepts.

The course will start from the introduction to new updates in it. You will get deep knowledge of trees, call stacks, and recursion. You will explore how to solve errors and comprehensive information of map, filter, and reduce. You will learn how to perform the date and time works with the help of the date and time module.

Also, you will be thought special topics of python like regular expression, decorators, and logging. Going through with regular expressions with in-depth knowledge You will also observe the latest features in python 3.8 in detail.

At the end of the certificate training, you will be able to solve advanced problems in python and also have an effective understanding of advanced python programming. You will be able to work confidently for sure.

This course is available for all students who want to learn uncommon concepts of advanced python. If you are a student that belongs to computer science or noncomputer science then also you can take this course. If you are a beginner level student then also you can be the right candidate if you have a relevant interest in python. 

So, this is the course which helps you to make your python skill stronger with the latest information.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Course Introduction
Module 2 Recursion
Module 3 Map, Filter, and Reduce
Module 4 Comprehension
Module 5 Regular Expressions
Module 6 Decorators
Module 7 Logging
Module 8 Date and Time
Module 9 What's New with Python 3.8?, What's New with Python 3.9?, Quick Advice for Solving Errors
Type Certificate


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