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We have introduced the concept of Certificate in Computer Hardware course, which equips youngsters with needed expertise which employers across the industry look for. As we provide training online, candidates from across India, can simply log-in and gain access to a wide treasure of knowledge of computer hardware and can look forward in a positive way towards a golden future.

Our course and the curriculum of Certificate in  Computer Hardware Course training is designed by experts who are widely experienced and feel the pulse of the job market. Please rely upon our online training expertise CCH Course and we promise to carve out an easy career path before you, on the completion of the course.

Online Certificate In Computer Hardware:

Digital technology and computers have made its presence felt in almost every sphere of life and Indians should not lack in such a superior concept. Therefore, CCH online course is scheduled and our subject experts provide world-class computer hardware training which covers a range of important points as the syllabus contains the latest concepts. In fact, our syllabus is updated twice a year. The central purpose of our training is to benefit students through expert and valuable training which is all set to flick youth careers to new heights and job search becomes an easy way.

Students can access our pre-recorded training sessions from home with an internet connection, study tutorials and can also put in, their doubts and we promise to provide the remarkable training and efficient doubt clearing session which will result in towering skill-building.

Enroll for our CCH Online Course skill and we promise a sterling career path to you. 

Course content

Total: 68 lectures
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Design characteristics and challenges
  • InputOutput devices
  • Wire communication, ADCDAC
  • Sensors, actuators, interrupts vs. polling
  • Embedded processors and FPGAs
  • Main features of embedded processors
  • Use-cases of micro-controller platforms
  • Reconfigurable platforms, FPGAs
  • Embedded processors vs. FPGAs
  • Lecture1 Embedded operating systems
  • Linux kernel functions and advantages
  • The microkernel
  • The modular kernel
  • Introduction to Contiki
  • Introduction to TinyOS
  • Introduction to RIOT OS
  • Contiki and Cooja simulation
  • The Contiki system
  • Contiki's kernel architecture
  • Contiki services and libraries
  • Communication in Contiki I
  • Communication in Contiki II
  • Protothread, multithreading and code sizes
  • Cooja Simulation
  • 4.21 Introduction To Word Processing
  • 4.22 Opening a Word Processing Package
  • 4.23 Opening an existing document
  • 4.24 Saving a document
  • 4.25 Closing a document
  • 4.26 Text selection
  • 4.27 Editing Text
  • 4.28 Find and Replace
  • 4.29 Printing a Document
  • 4.210 Creating and Printing Merged documents
  • 4.211 Character Formatting
  • 4.212 Paragraph Formatting
  • 4.213 Page Design and Layout
  • 4.31 Checking and Correct spelling
  • 4.32 Handling Graphics
  • 4.33 Creating tables and charts
  • 4.34 Document Templates and Wizard
  • 5.21 Overview of Spreadsheet
  • 5.31 Working with spreadsheet
  • 5.32 Inserting and Deleting a worksheet
  • 5.33 Entering data into spreadsheet
  • 5.41 Handling Operators
  • 5.51 Functions
  • 5.61 Formatting a worksheet
  • 5.71 Printing a worksheet
  • 5.81 Working with charts
  • 5.91 Integrating text into spreadsheet
  • 5.92 Integrating text web pages into spreadsheet
  • 6.21 Overview of PowerPoint
  • 6.22 Creating a Presentation
  • 6.23 Saving a Presentation
  • 6.31 Views in Presentation
  • 6.32 Working with slides
  • 6.33 Adding and Formatting Text
  • 6.34 Formatting Paragraphs
  • 6.35 Checking spelling and correcting typing mistakes
  • 6.36 Making Notes Master and Handouts
  • 6.37 Drawing Objects
  • 6.38 Working with objects
  • 6.39 Insert Clip Art and Pictures
  • 6.310 Designing slide show
  • 6.311 Printing Slides
Maximum Duration 3 Months
Type Certificate


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