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Computers make their presence felt in almost every field nowadays and such a scene clearly makes computers as one of the most preferred career options before youngsters. In other words, for checking the menace of unemployment, computer hardware skills can easily make one land on a supreme job. At our widely acclaimed online training institution, we administer DCH (Diploma in Computer Hardware)where we provide quality teaching and training as per the updated syllabus and in a range of topics which enable youth find suitable jobs in various industries.    

Advanced Level Computer Diploma Certificate Online:

Digital technology has taken the whole the world in its expansion and Indians are not behind in it. At Acme Collins, we have introduced DCH training online where our subject experts provide superior training in computer hardware and cover all of the important points from the latest syllabus which is updated in every 6 months. The idea is to benefit students with the latest taking place in the market and which ensure the quick job search in an easy way.

From anywhere, students can gain access to our live training sessions, practice tutorials and can also send in their queries and doubts and we shall provide the best suitable doubt clearing session and skill-building result in our DCH training to them.   

Getting trained in computer hardware through our Diploma in Computer Hardware has become pretty safe and a secured way to building prime skills which find ready takers in job market around the world. Just remain at home or at the hostel and from anywhere, access our online training sessions and we promise to create a pleasant career surprises in the form of best options.

At Acme Collins Institute, we have invested heavily in obtaining superior technology and IT infrastructure so students find no problem in getting their lessons streamed live and with no hassle and disruption at all.

DCH Course:

Your doubts and concept confusion are cleared through our special doubt clearing sessions, which are done online and experts take on your queries. Forget about slow career progress and get equipped with towering skills as a computer hardware engineer to find new job areas. As such, you need to put into use, the supreme computer hardware skills into the profession if you want to attract abundance in life.  

At Acme Collins Institute, we are a one-stop point providing a range of certifications when it comes to getting trained in computer hardware as DCH, and our course and diploma is fully approved and certified from the government. HRD Ministry has shown great backing to the curriculum of our DCH course. DCH jobs are available across the private and public sectors and our diploma enjoys wider validity. 

When one thinks about building a superior professional grip as a computer hardware engineer, please consider our training skill and we shall build great career avenues for you.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Embedded Hardware and Operating Systems - Course Introduction, Introduction to Embedded Hardware, InputOutput, CPUs and FPGAs, Use-cases, Introduction to Embedded Operating Systems, Operating System Kernels, Hands-on, Contiki, Cooja Simulation, CoojaManual,
Module 2 Embedded Software and Hardware Architecture - Interfacing C-Programs with ARM Core Microcontrollers, Designing Embedded Data Structures, File and Text Manipulation
Module 3 Operating Systems and You Becoming a Power User - Introduction to Operating Systems and Becoming a Power User, Basic Commands, Users and Groups, Permissions, Software Distribution, Package Managers, What’s happening in the background, Device Software Management, Filesystem Types, Life of a Process, Managing Processes, Process Utilization, Remote Access, Virtualization, Logging, Operating System Deployment, Course Wrap Up
Module 4 Application Software - MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
Type Diploma


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