BSc Computer Science or BSc CS is a degree program that is completely online from your study to examination. This undergraduate program is focused on computer science topics like coding, programming, hardware and software of computer, maths, and statistics, networks, IT, and more. So, in this course as well you will learn the same such as you will learn using python, c++ programming, java programming, DBS, and software engineering. Besides this, you will enjoy this curriculum which is designed for you by experts.

This is why this program is popular among IT students as this offers many opportunities to build up a career in the IT sector.  As Information Technology is developing at a faster rate so the number of diverse opportunities is generating in India as well as in foreign countries.

This is the online undergraduate program that builds up the road to your Technology field. After the successful completion of this program, you will get jobs in the posts of system analyst, IT manager, software and network programmer, CS manager, computer graphics expert, and more. some examples of top recruiters are Google, Deloitte, Sapient Publicis, government organizations, and more.  After the course you will be able to work independently,  creating innovative ideas for problem-solving, able to compete for major roles like mobile apps, web developers, game developers, programmers, graphic design, and more.