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Now a days organisations have a difficult time because they are working with the large numbers of datasets and therefore it becomes difficult for them to manage the things quickly. So, here the skills comes in that Data Stream Development With Apache Spark, Kafka [ Course: Apache Kafka - Real Time Stream Processing ], and Spring Boot.

This is complete tutorial, which means you will be learning it step by step, the first things you will be learning is the introduction of Data Streaming Architecture, In this section, you will have basic information about the Data Streaming Architecture [ Course : An Architecture of Database System ], So, if you don’t have any previous knowledge about this topic, you can start with first topic and can go for further reading.

Next, you will have the topics for reading further as mentioned below in the syllabus section.

On Completion of the course, You will be able to build the efficient data streaming pipeline and more. So, Don’t Waste Time, Grab this course Today and Get Certificate.

Course Content

Total: 26 lectures
  • Discovering the Data Streaming Pipeline Blueprint Architecture
  • Analyzing Meetup RSVPs in Real-Time
  • Running the Collection Tier (Part I – Collecting Data)
  • Collecting Data Via the Stream Pattern and Spring WebSocketClient API
  • Explaining the Message Queuing Tier Role
  • Introducing Our Message Queuing Tier –Apache Kafka
  • Running The Collection Tier (Part II – Sending Data)
  • Dissecting the Data Access Tier
  • Introducing Our Data Access Tier – MongoDB
  • Exploring Spring Reactive
  • Exposing the Data Access Tier in Browser
  • Diving into the Analysis Tier
  • Streaming Algorithms For Data Analysis
  • Introducing Our Analysis Tier – Apache Spark
  • Plug-in Spark Analysis Tier to Our Pipeline
  • Brief Overview of Spark RDDs
  • Spark Streaming
  • DataFrames, Datasets and Spark SQL
  • Spark Structured Streaming
  • Machine Learning in 7 Steps
  • MLlib (Spark ML)
  • Spark ML and Structured Streaming
  • Spark GraphX
  • Fault Tolerance (HML)
  • Kafka Connect
  • Securing Communication between Tiers


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