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Benefits of Certification

  • Government Certification
  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • Lifelong E-Learning Access


What you’ll learn in this Course?

This course is based on an application which is founded by LibreOffice Suite. It is a kind of spreadsheet software. There are number of spreadsheet software and this is one of them. It is commonly found in the Linux Operating System, It can be used in other operating systems also but the Linux is best to support the application. It is used to create formulas or we can say for performing multiple calculations. It is also used for keeping your data in a maintained or in a tabular form. So, while learning this course you will be an expert of topics as mentioned in the syllabus.


Maximum Duration 3 Months
Topics Introduction to LibreOffice Calc, Working with cells, Working with sheets, Formatting Data, Basic Data Manipulation, Working with data, Using Charts and Graphs
Type Certificate


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