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Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel 2013
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Microsoft Excel 2013
Benefits of Certification:- Government Certification, Job Credibility, Certification Valid for Life, Lifelong E-Learning Access

How it works:- Select Course-->Buy-->Get E Learning Access (LMS)-->Take Exam-->Get Certification.
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Mode of Exam - Online
Passing Marks:- 50%
Certificate of Completion:- Available
Note:- No Negative Marking in the Exam
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MS Excel is great application software from world famous Microsoft Inc, where Microsoft Inc has kept up its word of consistency and has enhanced the features of its software applications in all packages, simply to provide a great impetus in business and office automation. Excel which is a spreadsheet processor and which a significant part of Microsoft Office software application package, has been enhanced over the years, just like other applications in the bunch, only to the great excitement of all types of businesses spanning industries as employee productivity has boosted at length, across the world. 

Microsoft Inc has versatile programmers and coders who have been relentless in their efforts to evolve their software applications over the decades. For instance, we can see the legacy of supreme MS Office application package from beginning, i.e. MS Office 1997, MS Office 2000, MS Office 2003, MS Office 2007, MS Office 2010, MS Office 2013, MS office 2017, while efforts are still on to further enhance the functionality and to unveil amazing beans of software craftsmanship, by empowering office professionals around the globe to be more critical and analytical in their business goals and objectives.

Why Should You Learn MS Excel Online?

Not surprisingly, in all of the MS Office applications and in such packages, the underlying functionality, usability, integrity and swiftness of each of the software application in this package, massive improvements have been implanted by virtue of intrinsic coding. As such, a great of things can be done with MS Excel and in modern day businesses, such application software comes laden with a bunch of features which facilitate easy accomplishment of tasks but with superior accuracy, precision, quickness and in purely a fool proof way.

From all range of entrepreneurs to business managers in every field and domain and in all segments of the game to critical HR managers to teachers to academicians to data scientists to social scientists to law enforcement to legal professionals to any other virtue, everyone is into precise use of wide range of features, which MS Excel comes packed with and such features, functions and commands have been refined over the years. 

Needless to say but with such a massive bunch of features, functions and versatility to every business arena, one need not to get surprised that around of 80% of job opening in a variety of industries are specifically set aside for those who proficient in MS excel handling (in combination with MS word processor know how also). This makes advanced MS excel course training pretty useful in today’s times.

Some of the prime reasons as to why one should study, learn and get online Microsoft Excel training are as follows:

Making Tables Is Not The Only Job in Excel:

School children often use MS Excel to manage tables in an easy way and to get the easy functions implemented. But this spreadsheet processor, i.e. MS Excel, is not limited to offer this and we can do much more tasks than this. For example, 

  1. organizing data in an easier way for managing, updating and navigating through it,   
  2. To perform mathematical functions from basic ones to more complex,
  3. To change huge data quantity into charts and informative graphs, 
  4. To carry easy data analysis and to forecast and predict outcomes with dam certainty,
  5. To make images with swift pixel manipulation and so forth,

With MS Excel, Business Automation Is Strong:

Not only from organizing data but an efficient professional can do many other things by capitalizing upon MS excel with excellence. The credit goes to inbuilt functions, formulae and other programs which are meant to do big sums and to carry out complex mathematics in quick time. Clearly, one does not need to add 127 columns and 125 rows for a company’s monthly expense calculation, MS Excel is smart application to do the needed maths for you in quick time and with resounding reliability. Then, by virtue of charts and graphs, we can re-present and re-produce huge and complex info, in a more meaningful way and can perform needed calculation and can manage data in arithmetic and logical way and can save a lot of time, energy and efforts. By doing this and more so, be getting training in MS Excel, we can have the chances of reaping business profits in a more superior way.  

Excel Skills Enables Employment And Salary Increase:

Clearly, when one is trained in paramount MS excel training and possess world-class skills, he or she can easily get a good job in any company and in any industry. Besides, when one develops key MS excel skills, his or her salary package can be of the top level. This is simply because of the fact that every company looks for efficient and smart professionals who can produce a high degree of productivity and with MS Excel on your side, you can be one of those who change their destinies

Acme Collins School: A Ray Of Hope For Those Looking For Jobs: 

Getting easy training in MS Excel and to develop professional skills is no longer a hard task now, as Acme Collins institute offers best online Excel courses training. We are a team of eminent teachers from every field of study, especially IT, and we put up video tutorials every week which are specifically meant for best online MS excel training.   At a reasonable fee, you can study and get training of MS excel and can brighten your job chances manifolds. We are here to help you and to make you a competent and certified MS excel professional. We urge you to use your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers and access our online excel training to increase required your job skills.  

Further, all you need to have is a secured internet connection and we shall give you unique user id and password which you can use to access our server and you are all ready to access lectures and can increase your knowledge and skills right then. On clearing such online excel training course, certificates will be given which will be useful in getting job breakthroughs.  

Finally, computer courses and skills are valid for government and private jobs.

Maximum Duration30 Days
Module 1Introduction to Excel 2013, Explore Window, Backstage View, Entering Values, Move Around, Save Workbook, Create Worksheet, Copy Worksheet, Hiding Worksheet, Delete Worksheet, Close Workbook, Open Workbook, Context Help, Insert Data, Select Data
Module 2Delete Data, Move Data, Rows & Columns, Copy & Paste, Find & Replace, Spell Check, Zoom In/Out, Special Symbols, Insert Comments, Add Text Box, Undo Changes, Setting Cell Type, Setting Fonts, Text Decoration, Rotate Cells
Module 3Setting Colors, Text Alignments, Merge & Wrap, Borders and Shades, Apply Formatting, Sheet Options, Adjust Margins, Page Orientation, Header, and Footer, Insert Page Break, Set Background, Freeze Panes, Conditional Format, Creating Formulas, Copying Formulas
Module 4Formula Reference, Using Functions, Built-in Functions, Data Filtering, Data Sorting, Using Ranges, Data Validation, Using Styles, Using Themes, Using Templates, Using Macros, Adding Graphics, Cross-Referencing, Printing Worksheets, Email Workbooks, Translate Worksheet, Workbook Security, Data Tables, Pivot Tables, Simple Charts, Pivot Charts, Keyboard Shortcuts

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